Meeting of the Central Committee April 29th 2021

The general public is hereby informed that the public meeting of the Central Committee will take place on:

Thursday, april 29nd 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

Location: the V.A. Lopes Legislative Hall

Everyone can review the documents pertaining to the meeting at:

 the office of the island registrar (government guest house) and government/central committee.

Right to speak:

Do you want to point out certain interests to the central committee, if you have a question a wish or desire, regarding the subject that is on the agenda?

Then you can have a say at the beginning of the discussion about that specific subject.

Please contact the office of the registrar, 2 days in advance:  or  tel. +5993183395 0r +5993184787.


01. Opening

02. Announcements

03. Setting of the agenda

04. STENAPA: presentation vision plan by Dir. Erik Boman

05. Process new Central Government office

06. Long term reconstruction and maintenance infrastructure/roads

07. Road Map Covid-19

08.  Closing

The Chairman of the Central Committee,

R. Merkman.