The Executive Council of the Government of Sint Eustatius in the Caribbean Netherlands wishes to urgently recruit a candidate for the position

1 FTE - Project leader: Food Safety and Veterinary Services (including slaughterhouse renovation)

Temporary position until 15 January 2025

The Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) is a ten-year programme that provides an integrated framework addressing responsibility, policy targets, and legal obligations related to managing the natural environment in the Dutch Caribbean islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius (BES). NEPP aims to create a resilient and healthy natural environment where precious species and ecosystems are conserved. At the same time, socioeconomic development, including sustainable agriculture, should be supported, and the cultural identity of the islands maintained. NEPP lists four overarching strategic goals:

  1. Reversal of coral reef degradation
  2. Conservation and restoration of key habitats and species
  3. Sustainable use of land and water for the development of the local economy (which in this project focuses on agricultural development)
  4. Create the local conditions to ensure sustainability

Sint Eustatius has established an implementation agenda where the goals and actions of the NEPP have been defined in a SMART manner. Several goals are identified and milestones must be met and coordinated with stakeholders locally and nationally. Sub-programmes and projects within the implementation plan of NEPP, such as the land restoration integral programme, are also part of the execution. Within the land restoration programme, there are five pillars that the programme focuses on:

  1. Free grazing animals (roaming animals' removal and control programme)
  2. Capacity and organisation of the agricultural desk
  3. Sustainable agricultural development
  4. Reforestation
  5. Food safety & veterinary services /renovation of the slaughterhouse

The fifth pillar, food safety and veterinary services, is essential for reaching the overall goals of the land restoration programme as agricultural development, particularly animal husbandry, is dependent on it. Your task as project leader in food safety and veterinary services will be to ensure that the objectives under this pillar are met in 2024. Firstly, the slaughterhouse needs to be renovated. For this renovation, the expected capacity of the slaughterhouse after the professionalisation of animal husbandry must be considered. Secondly, a proposal must be written on how veterinary affairs should be organised within the public service of Sint Eustatius, and based on the decision of the Government of St. Eustatius, this reorganisation must be implemented. Thirdly, protocols must be established on the import and export of animals and animal products, diseases, and zoonoses.

To achieve the objectives of this project, you will be expected to include and work with relevant parties and experts. Knowledge of, or experience in, the agricultural sector - especially animal husbandry - is essential. To understand veterinary affairs, you are expected to work closely with the official veterinarian of the Government of Sint Eustatius. As a project leader, you will be hands-on and have a good sense of organisation and responsibilities. You are expected to work in a structured way, to write and organise the project plans for the renovation of the slaughterhouse,  reorganisation of the veterinary services, and the development of protocols.

You report to the Programme Manager, NEPP and the Director of ENI, and the Steering Group, Land and Water Restoration. The Steering Group’s members are representatives of the Government of Sint Eustatius and various ministries from the European Netherlands.


  • Development /renovation of the slaughterhouse;
  • Drawing up a project plan/plan of approach and project objectives;
  • Organisation of animal husbandry and veterinary services;
  • Implementation of the project plan, as well as drafting of periodic reports;
  • Co-executing parts of the project;   
  • Maintaining an overview of local developments within the society concerning this project;
  • Assisting with reports to the National Government;
  • Assisting with providing content for press releases;
  • Testing the delivered project results against the project plan and, after meeting the desired project objectives, transferring relevant knowledge and documents to the organisation;
  • Drafting proposals for process and product improvement;
  • Monitoring and promoting the coherence between different interconnected projects;

Job requirements:

    • Demonstrable HBO working and thinking level;
    • At least five years’ experience in project management, including experience in the agricultural sector;
    • Used to working in an administratively complex environment, preferably in a non-profit setting;
    • Used to working with the perspective of long-term ownership;
    • Mastery of professional skills around project management;
    • Experience in complex administrative decision-making processes;
    • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
    • Administratively and organisationally sensitive, being able to switch seamlessly at different levels;
    • Able to translate complex problems into practical solutions;

Other skills:

-              Accurate, resourceful, proactive, decisive, and hands-on mentality;

               Efficient in time management

-              Focus on results;

-              Connecting leadership;

-              Persuasiveness;

-              Cost-consciousness;

-              Good written and oral skills in English and Dutch.

Employment Conditions

The position is temporary until 15 January 2025. The Salary is $3,922.38 - $5,784.16 gross per month, at a 39.5-hour work week and is dependent on qualification and experience.  The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday 2 June  2023.

Kindly direct all applications and CV’s to:

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Sint Eustatius

Attn: Ms. Francisca Gibbs

Unit Manager, Internal Services


More information:

For in-depth questions about the function, please email Ms. Anna Maitz, Programme Manager, NEPP, at: