The Government of St. Eustatius and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports invites expressions of interest from possible candidates for the following assignments.

St. Eustatius is an island of approx. 3.200 inhabitants within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with a small and sports-minded community.

St. Eustatius, otherwise known as Statia,  has a non-profit organisation responsible for executing the sports policy of the Government of

St. Eustatius (Dutch acronym, OLE): the Saint Eustatius Sports Facilities Foundation (SSFF).

The SSFF has been an independent organization receiving subsidies of the government since 2014. The tasks related to the subsidy are stated in a policy document and performance agreement. In summary, there are three departments (domains) covering the SSFF's tasks

  • Statia in Shape: promoting a healthy lifestyle and keeping people active and involved (e.g. via after-school programmes).
  • Sports Federation: facilitating and servicing member associations.
  • Facilities/Infrastructure: managing and maintaining sports facilities.

The SSFF has a board consisting out of five (5) members. Under the responsibility of the director are the following part-time  and full-time employees:

  • 1 manager
  • 1 assistant manager/coördinator
  • 1 coördinator
  • 3 sports ambassadors (one of whom  is also employed part-time by the government as a youth worker)
  • 1 pool supervisor
  • 1 head lifeguard
  • 1 maintenance employee
  • 1 sport facility intendant
  • 3 cleaners

According to the Statia government’s policy, the SSFF is to be the focal point for sports and physical activity on the island. Strengthening the SSFF towards to achieve this objective is a priority in the Caribbean Sports & Prevention agreement between VWS and the Government of St. Eustatius.

In 2021 an analysis of the organisation was conducted by NMC Bright - commissioned by VWS in collaboration with the Government of St. Eustatius - which led to the following two assignments.

Assignment 1.: governance of the SSFF

The assignment focuses on the governance of the SSFF. You will work closely with the Social Directorate of the OLE and the board of the SSFF. The tasks include:

  • Produce an implementation plan for the development of the SSFF;
  • Update  the bylaws of the SSFF;
  • Coaching and training of board members.

For this assignment is for a total of 15 days spread throughout 2023. The 15 days include travelling to St. Eustatius for a maximum of 10 days spread over several trips. Scheduling these days and travel must be done in consultation the Social Directorate and Ministry of VWS.

Required qualifications include:

  • At least 5 years’ experience with founding and/or developing municipal non-profit sports organisations;
  • Experience with, and/or knowledge of, the functioning of sports associations/federations;
  • Knowledge of the social domain and sports policy on a municipality level;
  • Knowledge of organisational development;
  • Sports management degree;
  • Fluent in English (both both written and spoken);
  • Excellent management and communication skills.

Assignment 2.: operational development of the SSFF

This assignment focuses on the operational development of the SSFF. The following quote of the beforementioned analysis sums up the current situation:

“Although the SSFF employs capable people, the organisation can further develop to become more effective. With a more effective labour organisation the SSFF can grow towards a more independent organisation and the centric point for sports and movement on the island.”

Your assignment is to support the operational development of the SSFF. The tasks include:

  • Supporting the interim management in their tasks;
  • Setting up new sports and physical activities and programmes;
  • Reviving the management and maintenance of the sports complex;
  • Supporting the development of a masterplan for the sports complex.

For this assignment you are required to be in St. Eustatius for 40 days in  2023, divided over two trips.


  • At least 5 years’ experience in managing or advising a (municipal) non-profit sports organisation;
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of the functioning of sports associations/federations and clubs;
  • Experience in management and maintenance of sports facilities.;
  • Experience in coordinating sports activities, projects and programmes;
  • Sports management degree;
  • Fluent in English (both written and spoken);
  • Excellent management and communication skills.

How to apply:

Both assignments are commissioned by the Government of St. Eustatius and Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports (VWS ZJCN). Proposal/quotation, with a curriculum vitae (CV), must be sent to the e-mail addresses below. It is possible for one person with the right qualifications to undertake both assignments.

For further inquiries please contact:

Nick Veenbrink from the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports ; +31 6 3157 6003; timezone UTC+1) or Carol Jack-Roosberg director Society & Welfare from the Public Entity of St. Eustatius