Meeting of the Central Committee of November 25th 2021

There will be a closed-door meeting of the Central Committee, in accordance with article 23 of the rules of order Central Committee. This meeting will be held on thursday november 25th  , 2021 at  2:00 pm in the STUCO conference room.    


  1. Opening
  2. Announcements
  3. Setting of the agenda
  4. Ratification of decision lists: October 21st 2021
  5. Ratification of list incoming documents
  6. State of affairs GTI Statia (closed door)
  7. COVID-19 (closed door)
  8. Annual account 2020
  9. 3rd implenmentation report 2021
  10. Announcements executive council and (art. 49/50 rvo ic) 
  11. Closing