Monitoring Protocol for persons coming from very high risk countries - Effective August 31st, 2021

You are required to adhere to the monitoring protocol for the first five (5) days of your stay on St. Eustatius.

Upon entering the island, you will get a COVID-19 antigen test. This will be done at the Public Health Department or at the Airport. You will also get an appointment for a COVID-19 antigen test on the 5th day. This test will be done at the Public Health Department.

Keeping social distance

  • Social distance implies keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from other persons.
  • This needs to be done both in public and private settings (also at home in the presence of persons that did not arrive with on the same day).
  • The only exemption are the persons you arrived with (colleagues, family e.g.).
  • Conducting proper social distancing implies limiting your contacts. If it is not necessary to see someone during the 5 days, please postpone contact until the monitoring period of 5 days has passed.
  • Inform each close contact during the 5 days about the fact that you fall under the monitoring protocol. By doing so you give your contact(s) the possibility to take this into account and take appropriate measures (e.g. wearing a face mask and taking distance). 

Proper hand hygiene

  • This implies that you wash your hands regularly (for 30 seconds) and thoroughly, after each contact you had.
  • If you are not able to wash your hands, please use a hand sanitizer.
  • Make use of the available hand sanitizer before entering a building.


  • Wear a facemask when in contact with people (in public spaces or buildings).
  • You have to wear a facemask in each situation where close contact is possible.
  • You have to wear a facemask in indoor premises except when you are alone in a room.
  • Inform others they should also wear a mask when they are in (close) contact with you.

Events, restaurants and bars

  • You are not allowed to visit events. An event is an organized or non-organized gathering of more than 25 persons (indoors or outdoors).
  • You are only allowed to visit the outdoor seating areas of bars and restaurants.
  • You have to inform the staff of the bar/restaurant that you are under the monitoring protocol so that they are aware of your status and can take measures.
  • You are allowed to take off your facemask while eating and drinking (in restaurants).


  • You are only allowed to work as long as you can adhere to the protocol during your work.
  • All rules provided above also are valid during work hours.
  • You must inform your employer on your status and agree with your employer how you will conduct your work during the monitoring period.
  • Indoor work is only allowed if you can work alone in a building, or alone in an office and if you can make use of separate sanitary facilities.
  • Meetings with other persons are only allowed to be held in outdoor areas.
  • Outdoor work should be done separated from other workers. In the case that this is not completely possible, everyone present must wear facemasks.