Protocol for Inter-Island boat trips July 15th to and from Statia

In North, Central and South America still many countries are having a high amount of COVID cases. This is why the harbour of Statia is still closed and will stay closed.

For passenger transport, permission can only be given to vessels with a registration allowing inter-island passenger transport (on Statia there are no vessels registered for passenger transport). This requirement is set both for incoming and for outgoing transport.

The procedure for a request for persons transport to and from Statia (only with vessels approved for inter-island passenger transport):

  • You file a request for a boat trip stating the date,  name of the vessel and registration certificated of the vessel, departure harbour, destination harbour, crew name list and passengers name list to
  • The request need to be send 3 working days before the trip.
  • The governments decides based on the information received, taking into account the advice of the harbourmaster, on allowing the trip
  • Every passenger entering Statia needs to fill in a travel questionnaire, the questionnaire can be downloaded: Questionnaire. The form has to be sent to, at least 12 hours before arrival and a hardcopy needs to be handed over upon arrival to the public health.
  • The arrival time needs to be communicated to the harbour master and the Public Health Department at least one hour prior to arrival. The passenger will be screened by the Public Health Department authority as soon as they disembark.
  • After a first approval, a follow up request can be done at least 24 hours before a trip including a list with the names of the passengers.
  • A request can be for a return trip only if the passenger list is the same on both trips.

On a case by case request permits can be given for essential  Inter-Island transport of goods and animals  by local boats to other neighbouring low risk Islands. This includes  at the moment Sint Maarten, Saba and St. Kitts

The procedure and requirements for a request for goods transport for a Statia registered vessels:

  • You file a request for a boat trip stating the date, destination, vessel, amount of crew, and type of goods and a statement explaining the necessity of the transport to
  • After receiving confirmation of receival of your request you contact the harbour master to inspect your vessel.
  • The harbour master decides to  approve or not approve  your vessel for inter-island transport, if  needed for safety purposes  the approval can set requirements for extra safety measures to be taken during the inter-island travel
  • The harbour master informs the government commissioner on his conclusion and the requirements set
  • Based on this conclusion you will receive an approval letter from the government.
  • Besides this you need to get approval from the destination Island.

The approval is for one trip. For each new trip an new request have to be filed.

A first request needs to be done 5 working days before the trip, a follow up request can be done until 72 hours before the trip.

The procedure and requirements for a request for goods transport by a non Statia registered vessel

  • A request can be filed to stating the date, port of departure, vessel, amount of crew, amount of passengers or goods and the registration of the vessel
  • Only vessels registered for goods transport or vessels with a specific approval from the government of the harbour of departure will be allowed to enter the harbour. Without a signed approval of the harbour of departure no request will be granted
  • The request needs to be delivered 48 hours before the start of the trip
  • Based on the request received a decision will be made by the government.

The government commissioner has the right to make exemptions to the protocol on humanitarian grounds.