Statia sets up second outdoor exercise and first chess park in Oranjestad

A second outdoor exercise and first outdoor chess park were officially inaugurated during a brief ceremony in the Wilhelmina Park in Oranjestad on Wednesday, December 9th 2020. 

The community can now exercise in this area to improve physical health and stimulate mental health through playing mind games. The project is made possible with the support of the Public Entity St. Eustatius and the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, thereby supporting the rights of the child.

The new weather resistant fitness equipment at the park is ready to use. “This is not the last exercise park. The Public Entity is promoting a healthy Statia. All residents are welcome to make use of the outdoor fitness park. Besides the outdoor exercise equipment, provisions are also made for chess lovers to enjoy a game of chess or checkers at the Park. Playing mind games has many benefits for youngsters as well as adults. Hopefully within the very near future we can enjoy a Chess Competition on the island,” said Director of Social Domain, Carol Jack-Roosberg.

The Directorate of Social Domain aims to install more exercise equipment in other districts within the coming years. Not getting enough physical exercise can lead to many health complications. Lifestyle diseases such as obesity, depression, dementia and cardiovascular disease are associated with inactivity. The advantages of an active-friendly island are great, as it makes the island and the residents healthier. An active environment is also attractive and livable.

The community at large is encouraged to make good use of the exercise equipment, and at the same time it is important that users take care of the equipment. Raincoat Construction installed the fitness equipment while the chess tables were built by Sanchez Construction. The park has recently been decorated for the Christmas season by the Statia Dominicano Association. As part of the association’s tradition, each year the group makes great efforts by coming together to nicely beautify the Wilhelmina Park for all to enjoy.