Tips for keeping cool during hot days

Statia is approaching the time of the year where we can expect high temperatures.

Our seniors, children and babies are more sensitive to heat so it is very important to keep them cool and comfortable.

The Public Health Department provides the following tips for keeping cool during these hot days:

  1. Try staying indoors as much as possible and limit your time outdoors, in direct sun light.
  2. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  3. Wear breathable foot wear which will allow your feet to stay cool.
  4. Take a quick swim or take cool showers (without soap) more often during the day.
  5. Use fans or air-conditionings.
  6. Dress for the weather, wear light clothing, light color, light weight and one layer of absorbent material clothing.
  7. Do not leave babies, young children or elderly in a hot car. This can cause rapid dehydration resulting in death.
  8. Check on the elderly often during the day to make sure that they are keeping cool, hydrated and doing okay.

Stay in, Stay cool and Stay hydrated.

The Public Health Department.