Felicia Viola van Zanten Complex officially opened

The Felicia Viola van Zanten assisted living complex has been officially opened on Friday morning May 8th. The spacious one bed room apartments are assigned to 5 elderly persons who were on the waiting list. The 5 apartments, located in the Lodi district, have been newly constructed last year.

“I take this opportunity to make a special appeal to the residents of Lodi to make the new members of your community feel welcome. A community is defined by how it treats and cares for the elderly” says deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis.

The apartments are intended for the elderly and ideal for assisted living. The number of rooms and the size are suitable for persons living by themselves. All homes are single story homes and easy accessible.

An Indication Committee including members representing the Queen Beatrix Medical Center, the Home Care Department and the Auxiliary Home for the Elderly and Disabled, have selected 5 eligible candidates.

Felicia Viola van Zanten was the first Social Workers in government service on Statia. Her vision was to have assisted living on Statia, for over 25 years ago.

Assisted living is more accustomed to the Statian way of living of the elderly than retirement homes, because the elderly, in general, wish to live at home as long as possible. It also fits within the broader transition of care on Statia, focused on a combination of professional and informal care and increased self-reliance.

With a financial contribution from the Ministry of Social Affairs, the construction could take place. St. Eustatius now has about 105 homes where persons live independently, but do receive daily care. A recent inventory by the Social Domain Department confirms that demand is high.

Government is currently looking for opportunities to further expand the capacity of assisted living apartments. Construction is planned to start during the course of this year, with the completion projected for early 2021.