Nature & Activities: Diving

The island is flanked by an incredibly well-preserved St. Eustatius Marine Park featuring pristine coral reefs and channels which migrating marine mammals use.  Access to dive sites is by boat.

There are 2 dive centers on the island, and they are run by passionate and experienced professionals. They are located in Lower Town near the harbor where they can take divers out to 36 official dive sites around the island. Learning to dive is also possible at these dive centers. Please go to for direct links and more information about diving Statia.

In order to dive, one has to purchase a tag from STENAPA at $6 per dive or at an annual fee of $30. This fee goes towards installing and maintaining the dive moorings so the reefs will stay healthy. The dive centers will take care of this for you.

There is a multitude of fish and interesting sea life in these waters. Many experienced divers return time and again as there is the added dimension of shipwrecks (ancient and modern) which scatter the area. Vases, clay pipes and porcelain are strewn like candy across the seabed. After each tropical storm or hurricane new treasures are presented for divers and diving archeologists alike. Remember that it is a protected zone, and nothing can be moved or removed from the Marine Park! But just being able to view such richness is a unique experience.

Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance is an organization focused on Dutch Caribbean nature and has a wealth of information on the St. Eustatius marine sanctuary and flora and fauna on St. Eustatius.