Public Notice: Tourism, Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia

The Government of St. Eustatius would like inform you about the Tourism, Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia, starting the 1st of July.

Tourists entering Statia

From the 1st of July people from low risk countries are allowed to visit Statia as tourists, if they have been in that country for at least 14 executive days before coming to Statia.

At this stage Saba, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Kitts are welcome to visit Statia. This includes family visits.

Travel from tourist from other areas is not expected to be allowed before the 1st of August, and will only be allowed if a country of origin is qualified as low risk.

The tourism sector is working on plans for opening after the hurricane season for tourists from a wider group of countries.

Statians leaving the Island for tourism and family visits

Statians are advised to stay home during the holiday period, or go to Low Risk countries only.  This implies that from the 1st of July trips to Saba, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Kitts are possible.  To assure a safe return with quarantine the trip needs to be with a direct flight or a stop-over with a good hygiene protocol in place. 

To Saba and Sint Kitts boat trips are allowed, but only after approval by the government ( ) as the harbour in general is still closed.

Approval from Saba is needed before travel is needed as well. You can coordinate getting approval from Saba by emailing

If you wish to travel to another destination from Statia, it is possible, but be aware of the risk and the consequences of travel:

  • Be aware of the requirements for entering the destination country and the quarantine requirements in that country
  • If you travel to a medium risk country 14 days of quarantine upon return is obligatory. This can be home based quarantine if your house and family composition is fit for this.
  • If you travel to ahigh risk country 14 days of quarantine in a central facility is obligatory. You will have to pay this yourselves and the capacity is limited, essential workers and medical referrals have priority so this implies that your return needs to be planned according to the availability of places for quarantine.

For all people travelling it is important to:

  • Keep yourself updated on the regulations of that country regarding COVID
  • Keep yourself updated on the the developments in that country and the classification of your country by the Statian Government: as an outbreak is always possible the situation can worsen and the risk classification of the country can go up while you are there
  • During all flights the strict hygiene protocols need to be in place.

If you have any question related to COVID call 912 or mail to