Things to do

There are many activities to enjoy on Statia. You can go to the beach in Lower Town, explore the quaint streets of Upper Town, visit the museum,  and cultural center which are both located near the Government’s Guesthouse, or you may choose to pass the time away by chatting to local Statians. Meals are also readily available, and you can dine out at restaurants with menus varying from local stews and seafood to BBQ made from recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

Many people like to congregate on the streets and at the beaches to listen to music. Church is another very popular venue on St. Eustatius. There are often gospel music competitions and fundraising events organized throughout the year on the island.

The last part of July is a wonderful time to visit St. Eustatius when Carnival is under way. This year it will not be celebrated as usual, but it will be back in 2021. Another fun time to visit is November 16th when Statians celebrate their national day (also known as Statia America Day).

Statia has a choice of hotels ranging from small self-catering bungalow apartments to upscale hotels and everything else in between. Rental cars are also available on the island and there are taxis which can be arranged. Most places are within walking distance. That is the beauty of being small. And as the saying goes, ‘Big things come in small packages’!