Public Notice: Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia from the 1st of July 2020 - UPDATE

The Government of St. Eustatius would like inform you about the Travel and Quarantine policy of Statia, starting the 1st of July.

People of the following categories are allowed to enter Statia:

  1. Returning medical referrals
  2. Essential workers (both for government and for companies)
  3. Returning Statia residents
  4. Returning Students (after ending the school year)
  5. Business, touristic and family visits (only allowed from low risk countries)

Other categories of persons coming from medium and high risk countries are not allowed to enter Statia.


  • on humanitarian grounds (f.e. visiting a funeral) can be made by the government commissioner
  • All persons from Curaçao,  Bonaire and Saba are allowed to enter the country with the requirement that they have been for 14 consecutive days on Bonaire or Saba.
The Government of Statia will continuously update this table in the time to come.

All people will be screened based upon arrival in Statia on health and travel history. The Public health department can issue a quarantine obligation for every incoming person based on the screening results.

The list of countries is valid until further notice. The risk of countries will be continuously monitored by the public health department.