Second Workshop 'Constitutional relations; sharing and applying the knowledge'

On Wednesday July 15th, the second workshops as part of the programme “Constitutional relations; sharing and applying the knowledge” takes place on Statia.

Image: ©Photographer: Jacquil Pandt / Photographer: Jacquil Pandt

The programme is organized in preparation of the forthcoming elections of the Island Council on the island. The first workshop was held on June 24th.

The topic for these sessions concerns what it is like to be a politician. Guest speakers include Nina den Heyer as Commissioner from Bonaire and Chris Johnson as Head of Representation of the Netherlands in St. Maarten.

They will address what drives politicians and what are challenges, how to run an effective election campaign and how to be of influence in the Island Council.

The public is cordially invited to attend on Wednesday July 15th, at 18h00 in the Mike van Putten Youth Centre (Lion’s Den).