41 contacts linked to imported COVID case test negative

Forty-one out of forty-two contacts linked to the outbreak on Statia with a visiting journalist two weeks ago have tested negative for COVID-19 and have since been released from quarantine and observation on Thursday August 19th. 

Two weeks ago we had an outbreak on Statia with a visiting journalist. A total of 42 persons were placed in quarantine as a result of this development. 1 person became infected and is already recovered. The journalist is still in the hospital in St. Maarten.

All persons in quarantine were tested on their last day of quarantine 15 of the persons in quarantine were tested on Wednesday the 18th of August and another 26 on Thursday the 19th of August. All test results are negative. This implies that there is currently only two positive COVID 19 cases on St. Eustatius. Two contained cases that contracted COVID-19 on St. Maarten.

Meanwhile the COVID-19 situation on St. Maarten is not improving and St. Maarten will therefore remain listed as a very high risk country. This implies that also persons who are vaccinated and are entering from St. Maarten have to stay in quarantine (5 days) upon arrival. Persons with a same day transfer from very high risk countries can still enter, if vaccinated with the monitoring protocol.

For medical referrals to St. Maarten there is close contact between Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QBMC), St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC), Health Insurance Office (JZCN) and the Public Health Department (GGD) to ensure safety of the medical referrals.

The measures on St. Euststius will stay in place for all places were the public gathers, which are at least: bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, churches and public accessible buildings.

It is strongly advised that:

  • Each premises must have hand sanitizer at the entrance and assures that visitors make use of it.
  • The operator of the premises assures that social distancing is possible through adequate placing of tables, chairs and routing within the premises.
  • The staff of the premises has to wear a facemask when serving patrons.
  • The patrons of the premises have to wear a facemask as long as they are not seated. 

Loud music as well as music played by bands or DJ’s is not permitted as during dancing keeping social distancing is not possible. This coming week the government will invite event organizers to discuss protocols which make events, including events with bands and DJ’s possible in the open. Operators need to be able to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of their patrons.

On Monday August 23rd the schools will open. The schools are informed of the necessity to apply hygiene measures.  Wearing of facemasks are not required in schools. Schools are further informed on the regulations of the monitoring protocol. Parents and children who fall under the monitoring protocol are not allowed to enter schools.

This last measure is to prevent parents and students who have travelled abroad for the Summer and who are currently in quarantine or under monitoring from potentially spreading the virus in schools.