Dear Statian Residents, 

This is Government Commissioner, Alida Francis, with a second update on the Covid-19 situation on St. Eustatius for Thursday December 30th. 

The current COVID-19 situation on our island has changed rapidly in a matter of three days. There is currently a total of 26 active Covid-19 cases on St. Eustatius.  

Throughout the course of yesterday Wednesday December 29th and today  

Thursday December 30th contact tracing and testing have taken place. 

The source of the outbreak is not known. This is cause for great concern. 

To curb the further spread of the virus the Public Entity St. Eustatius has decided to effective Friday December 31st at 12.00 noon scale up to level 5 until January 14th 12 noon. These measures will be in effect for 14 days. If everyone respects the measures, we will be able to ease the measures after the 14 days. 

What does scaling up level 5 mean? 

Upscaling to level 5 means that ALL permits granted for hosting of ALL events are forfeited as events are the breathing ground for the further spread of Covid-19 virus.  

  • Hotels are permitted to serve their in-house guests drinks and meals. 

  • Hotels with a restaurant are permitted to provide take out service for the community. Wearing of the mask and physical distancing are strongly recommended.  

  • Bar & Restaurants will be closed for indoor dining; take out service is permitted. 

  • The public will be notified of the protocol for Government Offices as of Monday January 3rd, 2022.  

  • The Pharmacy is an essential service and is permitted to remain open during the 14-day period. The Pharmacy already has a strict protocol in place.  

  • Supermarkets are considered an essential business and are permitted to remain open with strict protocols in place, including limiting entry for the number of customers at one time. Large supermarkets maximum 10 persons at a time and small grocery stores maximum 5 persons at a time. 

  • Bakeries are an essential business and are also permitted to remain open under a strict protocol. 

  • Barbershops and Beauty Salons are not permitted to operate as these are close contact professions.  

  • Day-care Centres and out-of-school programmes are permitted to operate adhering to strict protocols. The Public Health Department will give guidance to these organizations.  

  • Schools currently on holiday break are scheduled to re-open on January 10th.  Further details will follow on the re-opening of schools. 

  • All sports activities, including the gym, are on hold until further notice.  

  • Churches are requested to arrange online services.  

  • The St. Eustatius Auxiliary Home has announced a total visitor stop. Family members can continue to contact their loved ones via WhatsApp 319-1241 or call the nurses station via phone number Tel: 318- 2981 

  • Persons who may require medical attention are advised to FIRST contact the QBMC on Tel: 318-2211 OR 318-2371 for instructions.  


The community is strongly advised to minimize contacts in large family settings. Please limit family gatherings of different households. When family gatherings of the same household are held these should be held preferably outdoors. Social distancing and wearing the mask are strongly recommended when the family plans to come together.  

Regular Vaccination and Booster Campaign: 

As of Monday January 3rd, until Friday January 7th, 2022, regular vaccination and booster campaign will continue. Further testing will also take place on mentioned dates. The Public Health department will announce details in the coming days.  

Update for today’s testing is as follows: 

207 persons were tested today December 30th 

Of which 23 are positive.  

This brings the total number of active Covid-19 cases on St. Eustatius to 26 as of this afternoon 5.00 pm. 

Testing continues tomorrow December 31th at the Hospitainer between 08.00 am and 2.00 pm. For an appointment, please contact the Public Health Department on Tel: 318-2796. 

We take note that persons on social media today impersonated the Public Health Department in an apparent prank. Please note that such acts are punishable by law, according to article 439 of the BES Penal Code which deals with reckless mischievousness. In times of crisis please refrain from such activity.  

The community is encouraged to support the persons directly affected by Covid-19 and their families. We are in this together. 

Another COVID update is due tomorrow afternoon.  

Let us not get tired! 

Let us not get careless!