Covid-19 Update January 4th, 2022 2nd Update

Fellow Statian Residents,   

This is Alida Francis, Government Commissioner with a 2nd Update for Tuesday January 4th.

COVID-19 Statistics for today:

  • Total number of persons tested 98
  • Number of persons tested positive 13
  • Total number active cases 85

Statistics Regular Vaccination & Booster Shot:

  • Total vaccinated 61
  • Regular vaccination 5 took the 1st shot
  • Booster 56 persons

Make careful and smart movements:

The COVId-19 numbers are growing on St. Eustatius. We do not yet have confirmation on which variant it is. We await the results from The Netherlands. However, based on what we observe: the infection rate is fast, with mainly mild symptoms and hardly any hospitalizations. It is suspected that this is the Omicron variant. Omicron is highly contagious and will affect everyone differently. This virus is affecting our community to the extent that it demands isolation and quarantine. It means that some of you cannot attend regular work nor are you able to interact with others.

Out of great caution, I am requesting the Statian Community not to take anything for granted. As a small and vulnerable community, we must take careful and smart movements. Since last night one person was hospitalized. In the meanwhile, this person has been transferred to St. Maarten Medical Centre for further care.

Breaching Isolation/Quarantine is irresponsible:

Most residents respect and follow the guidelines. It is the few that do not adhere to the measures that are putting us all at risk.

One thing we know is that Covid does not respect anyone. This virus cannot spread on its own. It needs a warm body to spread. It is invisible and can sneak into the privacy of your home. Before you know it you and your loved ones are affected. If your family, your community and the most vulnerable (residents with underlying health conditions and seniors) among us truly mean anything to you, you will understand the importance of strictly adhering to the measures.

 People who are in quarantine and isolation going into supermarkets is irresponsible and totally unacceptable. You must let family members/friends do the shopping for you. Anyone who violates the quarantine/isolation measures will be fined $ 500. This is one of the triggers to start taking more measures. Today meetings were held with the Dutch Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) and the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM). Police patrols will increase followed by the issuing of fines to violators of the measures.

The GGD is advising persons in quarantine and isolation to purchase an oximeter and thermometer to monitor themselves or persons in their care

Persons in quarantine and isolation are advised to call the hospital to reschedule their REGULAR appointment with the LAB, X-Ray, and doctor. They can instead request for a telephone consultation and will be further advised by the doctor: Tel 318-2211 or 318-2371

Why no lockdown?

There are calls for stricter measures, including a lockdown. The current situation does not warrant a lock down. As Outbreak Management Team (OMT) we observe that compared to two years ago there is more information available on how to act and the basis for making decisions.

It is evident that most of the community is respecting the measures that are in place. Unfortunately, there are still a few persons who are not respecting the measures. Therefore, additional measures will be put in place to monitor loitering (hanging around on street corners at night). In the interest of Public Health and Safety loitering as in groups of more than 4 persons is strictly prohibited. Loitering can be fined by law enforcement. Stricter measures will also come into effect for persons who do not adhere to the isolation/quarantine protocol. This will include a fine of $ 500. Police will carry out extra patrols and the Public Prosecutor’s Office will prosecute in case of violations of these measures and protocols.

  1. The Public Health Department (GGD) is of the professional opinion that a lock down is currently not necessary. The Dutch Institute for Health & Environment (RIVM) has advised along the same lines as the Public Health Department. The symptoms experienced by persons who tested positive for Covid-19 are generally mild. 

Measures that work:

For the past two years the Public Entity has continuously shared the hygiene measures that we know work for sure: Let us avoid further measures by respecting the ones we know work for sure: washing hands, wearing masks on your face and mouth, sanitizing frequently touched areas, and keeping physical distance from persons whose status are unknown. Do not take anything for granted.

Persons living or working near others should also self-test weekly to know their status. In an update yesterday we shared details about the self-test. This information you will find on the FB Page St. Eustatius Government of Sint Eustatius and the website  The Pharmacy has announced today that they have received a new stock of self-tests at $5 per unit. Tel: 318-3301

There is no use arguing whether this is a flu or whether it is Covid-19.  Look at it this way. Even if you are experiencing “just “the flu or a cold, that too is contagious, and you should do your best to avoid the spread. In any event, wear your mask and practice healthy hygiene habits.

Vaccination, Booster and Testing continue:

The regular vaccination and Booster Campaign and Testing for Covid 19 continue at the Hospitainer throughout the week.

  • Register for the Regular Vaccine and Booster Shot at GGD on Tel: 318-5146.
  • Register for testing for Covid-19 Tel: 318-2796.

To keep our community and loved ones safe, let us be responsible and smart in our every movement.

Let us not get tired!

Let us not get careless.