COVID-19 Update Wednesday January 5th, 2022

Covid-19 Statistics January 5th:

Number of persons tested 79

  • Number tested Positive 26
  • Total number of active cases 111
  • The youngest person tested positive for Covid-19 is a 9-month-old baby (is being evaluated by the doctor)

Statistics Vaccination & Booster Campaign January 5th:

  • Number of persons vaccinated: 64
  • Regular vaccination: 7 first shot and 7 second shot
  • Booster Shot: 50

The Public Health Department (GGD) has indicated the figures of persons who tested positive for Covid-19 show that the majority are non-vaccinated persons. They will provide the overview of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 tomorrow.

The samples of persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 arrived at RIVM in The Netherlands yesterday. The GGD will request urgency for feedback to determine which variant of the virus is currently circulating on St. Eustatius

Update Extra Support:

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has sent four (4) highly experienced/trained IC nurses for 14 days to deal with the shortage of staff in the Auxiliary Home and the Queen Beatrix Medical Centre (QBMC). This morning, two nurses started at QBMC and two at the Auxiliary Home. After this period of 2 weeks, they will be replaced by four (4) new nurses for another six (6) weeks (January 17th – March 30th), and they can be deployed flexibly, where necessary.

Two nurses from the Netherlands will also arrive this evening to help the GGD with Swabbing and with the Regular Vaccination and Booster Campaign. They will support the GGD for the next two months.

Tomorrow two extra machines for PCR tests will arrive. These will come from Aruba together with an expert (lab technician). These PCR test machines will be at the disposal of Saba and St. Eustatius.

The Government Commissioners and Crisis Coordinator are also in contact with the authorities on St. Maarten regarding the EHAS form. We will report more on this by the end of the week.

Profound gratitude is expressed to Statian professionals who have heeded the call of the Public Entity, GGD and other institutions to assist on the frontline this past week: retired nurses, administrative workers, security officers, BAVpollers. Your service is highly appreciated. Thank you!

GET Vaccinated! Get Boostered!

A special appeal is made to the large group of Statian residents who are still not vaccinated.  Get vaccinated and offer yourself a higher level of protection than when you are not vaccinated. If you have not registered yet to take the Booster Shot, you can still do so.

Vaccination, Booster and Testing continue:

The regular vaccination and Booster Campaign and Testing for Covid 19 continue at the Hospitainer throughout the week.

Meeting with schools:

The Government Commissioners and the Crisis Coordinator will meet with the principles of the 4 primary schools and secondary school on Thursday. The RCN/OCW representative and Compulsory Education Officer are invited to this meeting Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday January. To determine the way forward it is necessary to assess the current situation of each institution: how covid has affected students, teachers, and parents, updating the individual contingency plans, transportation, sanitation of classrooms etc.

Stricter measures:

Stricter measures are being enforced to prevent spread of Covid 19. Group gathering (loitering) is prohibited in public places. In the interest of Public Health and Public Safety the Law Temporary Measures Covid-19 St. Eustatius, ex article 3.1 (it is prohibited to gather in groups with more than four (4) persons in (public) places to be designated by the Government Commissioner). This article gives the Government Commissioner the authority to identify public places where group gatherings of more than four (4) persons take place. Referred to the General Local Ordinance (Algemene Plaastelijke Verordening APV), Article 2.4.1, prohibits gathering in groups as well and provides the enforcement framework. Therefore, loitering will be strictly enforced on St. Eustatius. The Police Force supported by the BAVpollers will immediately start patrols. Persons in violation of the law and ordinance will be fined, which could increase if the persons are repeatedly arrested. The law also offers the option of transferring violators to pre-trial detention.

Stricter Quarantine & Isolation:

Persons in isolation and quarantine are prohibited from breaching measures/protocols that are in place to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Stricter measures are in effect for persons who do not adhere to the isolation and quarantine protocol. This will include- an inexorable fine of $ 500, -. In case of recidivism, criminal prosecution will be immediately initiated. Police will carry out extra patrols and the Public Prosecutor’s Office will be asked to, without hesitation prosecute (within 2 days) in case of violations of these measures and protocols.


Families who have lost a loved one in the past weeks and are currently making funeral arrangements can contact the Crisis Manager Mr. Andre Bennett. Mr. Bennett will assist with preparing a protocol which will allow for the funeral to take place under strict guidelines. The location selected by the family will determine the level of the measures. With the current Covid outbreak it is necessary that the highest level of caution is exercised. For assistance contact the Crisis Manager:

Do not waste more time!

There are those of you who for different reasons are not coming forward to get tested and vaccinated. This group is still significant in number. I want to assure you that the set up at the Hospitainer allows for a good separation of the persons who go their whether to be tested for Covid or to get vaccinated.  Your safety is our priority!

Residents who remain at home with flu like symptoms insisting it is a flu I beg you to responsibility and get tested. The benefit of getting tested is that you know for sure whether it is the common flu or Covid. When you are tested positive for Covid-19 you are registered on the GGD list. This way your health can be monitored and evaluated by a doctor. When you are not tested for Covid-19 you run the risk of becoming ill and NOT realizing the deteriorating state of your health until it is TOO LATE. There is no shame in having contracted Covid-19. We are in this together. So let please our hardworking team of nurses and other support staff assist you!

To keep our community and loved ones safe, let us all be more responsible and smarter in our every movement. Be reminded of what works for sure: keeping distance, washing your hands often, and wearing a mask over mouth and nose.

Let us not get tired!

Let us not get careless.