EUTEL NV announces new Supervisory Board

After five years of dedicated service, Sint Eustatius Telephone Company N.V. (“EUTEL N.V.”) bids farewell to three board members namely, Ms. Andrenne Roulston, Mr. Alex Demming and Mr. Julian Hinckson. As per the Articles of Incorporation of EUTEL N.V., the General Shareholders’ Meeting appoints the Chairman and the other members of the Supervisory Board. EUTEL NV’s board members are appointed for a maximum period of five (5) years. The Supervisory Board was introduced to EUTEL NV employees  on Monday January 10th.

The Supervisory Board consists of five (5) members, of which three members were selected to resign as of Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021. The two remaining members Mr. Carlos Lopes and Ms. Ingra Bennett will remain board members for the next four months. Their resignation will take effect on April 30th, 2022. Mr. Carlos Lopes is no stranger to the community nor to the world of technology. Ms. Bennet is the PCN representative on the island and brings a lot of value in management and personnel related matters.  In a general Shareholders meeting held on Thursday January 6th, Carlos Lopes and Ingra Bennett were re-elected as respectively Chairman and Secretary of the Supervisory Board.  The Shareholder meeting opted for a phased rotation of the members to ensure that there is a smooth transfer from the former to the new Supervisory Board.                                        

“We bid farewell to the departing board members with gratitude for their contribution. At the same time, we are pleased to welcome and introduce the three incoming board members who are eager to pick up where their predecessors have left off”, says Shareholder representative, Government Commissioner, Alida Francis.

Three new members were recruited. The new board members began their five-year term with EUTEL NV effective December 23rd, 2021. They were selected based on their background in telecommunication, general expertise, and knowledge.

The three incoming board members are: Mrs. Shermen Gibbs- Pompier, Mr. Edsel Hooker, and Mr. Ernest Sams.

Mrs. Shermen Gibbs – Pompier is an experienced HR expert who will add value to the Supervisory Board through not only her HRM experience but also her exceptional communication, organizational, and decision-making skills.

Mr. Edsel Hooker is a veteran in the telecom industry, and he has knowledge in (international) telecom rules and regulations to the Supervisory Board.  He has 35+ years of telecom experience and has a large network of telecom contacts in the Caribbean.

Mr. Ernst Sams has an impressive international track record coupled with experience in government and government-owned companies. His executive experience, knowledge of government, and funding capital search will be of great value to the Supervisory Board.

EUTEL N.V. looks forward to continue enhancing its customer service, introduce new products such as the new internet café and further developing existing products and services such as the EU-TV and EU-TV studio. There are several new as well as exiting plans for the company this year.