BES(t)4Kids Team appoints Field Coach

The BES(t)4Kids Team recently appointed a field coach to support the daycare centers and the out-of-school programs. The field coach, Paula Pandt-Pompier, is a qualified and experienced professional in childcare and education. She will further strengthen the B4Kids team consisting of Carol Jack-Roosberg, Director Social Domain of the Public Entity St. Eustatius and Angela Dekker, project leader BES(t)4Kids.

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In te picture from left to right : Government Commissioner Alida Francis and Paula Pandt Pompier.

The BES(t)4Kids program aims to have the best quality for all 7 childcare centers on Statia. Since 2020 a Basic Island Ordinance for childcare in place, stipulating all the requirements necessary for centers to offer professional, responsible care and education to the children between 0-12 years.

The field coach will visit the centers, offer support and coaching to be able to meet the quality aspects. Paula Pandt-Pompier will investigate the safety in the centers, the qualifications of personnel, the activities they offer, their Pedagogical plans and the contact with parents.

Based on the needs, the field coach will assist the organizations in making sure that everything is in place, by organizing workshops, giving suggestions, and motivating persons to participate in courses and training. She will also prepare an analysis of the needs, in general and per organization specifically. In May this year, Paula Pandt-Pompier will participate in the coaching program by the Twinning Program on Statia. In June this year she will participate in a 2-week training in the Netherlands, as part of the Twinning Program, together with 3 directors from Statia. Carol Jack-Roosberg, director Social Domain, says: “We expect that we will be able to implement all aspects of the Island Ordinance on Statia, with the additional support”.