Improve your financial wellness

Plans are under way to assist those looking to improve their financial management skills.

The Directorate  of Social Domain is preparing to support Statians in the area of budgeting and preventive debt relief.

While the details are yet to be finalised, the programme is expected to adopt an interactive, reflective, and multidisciplinary approach, which helps individuals explore and address their unconscious feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about money.

It’s a self-examination process that enables people to improve their relationship with money and establish healthier habits with their finances.

Financial social work encourages professionals to think about, and work with, clients to address the financial stressors prevalent in these economic times.

Most people think financial wellness is about dollars, cents, debt, and budgets but it’s about so much more.

When you know the specifics of financial wellness, you will understand how to:

•            Reduce your financial problems.

•            Decrease your financial stress.

•            Maximise your financial strengths.

Financial social work has a holistic approach and provides individuals with hope, strategies, and tools to change the trajectory of their future.