Statian team explore new cultural opportunities in the Netherlands

Am nine-member delegation from various sectors of Statia’s cultural industry are currently in the Netherland to network, create new opportunities, explore funding options and seek inspiration. The trip is seen as an important step towards the revival of Statia’s entire cultural sector. The team has already met with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (known by its Dutch acronym OCW) for discussions on the 2023-24 year of commemoration of slavery past, and other culture related matters.

The packed programme gives the delegates the opportunity to learn more about many vital subjects, including underwater archaeology, the use of cultural coaches, community participation in heritage projects and new approaches to the role of museums and libraries. The development of the cultural sector is an essential pillar of the island’s future economic and social success.

Director Social Domain Carol Jack-Roosberg, who heads the delegation, along with  Nasha Radjouki, the programme manager for culture and events; and Edris Bennett-Merkman, policy adviser at Social Domain worked together with OCW to finalise the priorities of the cultural agenda after the cultural agreement was signed with the Dutch government in September 2022.

According to Jack, the visit has immense potential to open the doors to several important opportunities for Statia.

"The interaction I have had so far makes me feel very positive. Nasha and our team created a wonderful  two-week programme with many cultural organisations willing to meet with us and engage with us," stressed the Social Domain director. "I think this is a good opportunity to get inspired and network with similar organisations within the Kingdom. As an island, we don't always have the ability to do everything ourselves. Sometimes there is a lack of capacity and knowledge. In the end, no one knows our island better than ourselves, but that does not mean that we cannot cooperate or learn from one another."