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De Nederlandsche Bank conducts rehearsal for functioning of Deposit Guarantee Scheme

De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch Central Bank, hereinafter DNB) will conduct a small rehearsal on 17 December to test the Deposit ...

News item | 14-12-2021 | 17:47

Caribbean Netherlands’ unused labour potential at 3.4 thousand people

In 2020, there were 2.8 thousand people aged 15 to 74 years on Bonaire who belonged to the so-called unused labour potential. On ...

News item | 13-12-2021 | 17:26

Childcare centres on St. Eustatius share knowledge and experience with colleagues from The Netherlands

Six employees of childcare centre Op Stoom from the Netherlands are working at the childcare centres on St. Eustatius, from ...

News item | 09-12-2021 | 19:33

Minimum wage and social benefits in the Caribbean Netherlands increase as of 1 January 2022

As of 1 January 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid, SZW) will increase the ...

News item | 09-12-2021 | 18:59

Statia introduces digital nutrition recipe booklet

The Public Entity St. Eustatius presented the digital version of the Statian Nutrition Recipe Booklet today, Wednesday, December ...

News item | 08-12-2021 | 22:00

Governments sign cooperation agreement 13+

On 8 December 2021, the cooperation agreement 13+ was signed by the Public Entities in the Caribbean Netherlands and 5 ...

News item | 08-12-2021 | 21:46

Statia further improves financial management

The Public Entity St. Eustatius has made progress in 2021 in the area of financial management. The College Financieel Toezicht ...

News item | 08-12-2021 | 18:01

Statia introduces reusable shopping bags

The Public Entity St. Eustatius introduced tailor made reusable shopping bags. Each household will receive one sample bag for ...

News item | 03-12-2021 | 12:37

Construction new building Out of School program starts next year

The construction of the new building for the Out of School program is expected to start in the second half of 2022. The area that ...

News item | 02-12-2021 | 20:06

Joint inspection of hospitality businesses and other companies on St. Eustatius

In October and November the Labour Inspectorate once again carried out inspections at companies on St. Eustatius. The focus was ...

News item | 01-12-2021 | 18:11