Artefacts reveal what Amerindians ate

The artefacts that were excavated on the grounds of the airport reveal that the local Amerindians enjoyed seafood in their diet.

The artefacts date from the Amerindian era (Saladoid period : 7th - 9th century AD). Crab, whelk and fish bones are apparent in this tray which is ready for processing by the archaeologists.

The second picture shows that pottery was used to cook whelk. Whelk is also known as the West Indian top shell which was not only used for food, but also to make fish hooks, other objects and artifacts. These items were uncovered at what is called a ’trash pit’ in the prehistoric section of GR2021. The prehistoric whelk shells are much bigger than the ones which are currently found.

The artifact on the third picture is a rare find! It is a conch shell axe tool from the Saladoid period (7th - 9th century AD).

As previously communicated, part of the former Golden Rock Plantation (on the grounds of the airport) is currently being excavated by a team of the St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research (SECAR).