The local people of St. Eustatius like to refer to themselves as ‘Statians’. Many inhabitants were born and raised on the island, but a sizable number are from other islands in the Caribbean. Most came when they married or in order to find work. There are also quite a few people from South America, mainly Columbia and Venezuela.

It is common to hear Spanish spoken on the island. There is a significant group of Americans and European Dutch as well. It is common that people who came to work or for other reasons, simply chose to stay. This is because of the authentic and relaxed atmosphere which permeates the island.

When driving or walking around town one waves at everyone. It is understood that even if someone doesn’t wave back, you feel better by doing it. And you may just make someone’s day brighter.

Statians are hard-working, resourceful, resilient and God fearing by tradition. The main religions are Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, and Catholic.