Central Committee

The Central Committee consists of the five ( 5 ) Island Council members. The independent chairman of the Central Committee is Island Council member Mr.Glenville Schmidt, with Ms Rechelline Leerdam as deputy chair. 

The Central Committee influences the agenda and decisions of the Island Council by advising the council after discussion with members, and questions to the Executive Council. 

The committee also discusses current matters regarding the island. 

Residents' Right to Speak 

Residents have the right to speak on most most agenda points in the Central Committee. Residents who want to exercise this right must register their their interest by sending an email to the registrar no less than two days before the date of the meeting of the Central Committee. 

Dress Code : 

During public meetings of the Island Council and the Centrl Committee, Isalnd Council and Central Committee members, guest and visitors occupying the public gallery are required to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. 

Prohibition on use of mobile phones : 

The use of mobile phones in the conference room, including public gallery, is strickly prohibited. Phones must be switched off or on silent.