Contact list

 Unit/Department   Location  Phone
Governor’s Cabinet Evertsenweg  @ location Leerplicht 3183314
Support Offices
Legal Affairs Van Tonningenweg  (current location) 3182597
Communication and Information Kenniproad  (current location) 3182745
Secretarial Support Government Guest House (current location) 3182604
Operations and Customer Service
Finance Department The Mall/ Finance Building 3182741
Customer Services (klantenloket) The mall/ Census office 3182027/ 3182497
Internal services (formerly OO&B) Evertsenweg/ Van Tonningenweg 3182931/ 3183234
Automation Kenniproad (current location) 3182864
Facility services (formerly internal affairs) Van Tonningenweg (current location) 3182877
Social Domain
Policy workers Cottageweg 3182891
Social Support staff Cottageweg 3182891
Public Health Department Cottageweg 3182891
Labor Department Evertsenweg 3182881
Culture and Events Guest House tower 3182883
Economy Nature and Infrastructure
Policy and Projectbureau Fort Oranje 3183283
Licensing, Supervision & Enforcement Kenniproad @ location Unit Licenses 3180051
Veterinary Services Butcher Stall 3182622
Public Works and Services The Mall 3182821/ 3182116
Airport Max T. Pandt Boulevard 3182887
Seaport Seaport on Oranjebaai 3182205/ 3182888
Security will be at assigned post 3182620