The Court of Audit of St. Eustatius is seeking proposals for Assistant Services to
support administrative tasks primarily centered around the writing of minutes during
bi-weekly board meetings. In addition, the assistant may be tasked with aiding the
Chair in drafting correspondence and handling other administrative duties related to
the Court of Audit.

About the Court of Audit:

The Court of Audit of St. Eustatius serves as a critical oversight body entrusted to
supervise the proper management and utilization of public funds within the island
territory. As an independent institution, it plays a pivotal role in scrutinizing the
financial operations, policies, and programs of various governmental entities,
ensuring compliance with established regulations and guidelines. Through its audits
and assessments, the Court of Audit aims to promote transparency, accountability,
and sound financial practices within St. Eustatius. By offering recommendations and
actionable insights, it contributes to the improvement of governance and the efficient
use of public resources, fostering trust and integrity in the local administration.

Scope of Services of the Virtual Assistant:

• Prepare accurate and comprehensive minutes during bi-weekly board meetings
(in English or Dutch), ensuring all attending members digitally sign and
properly file these records.
• Assisting the Chair in drafting official correspondence and managing
administrative matters (if so required by the Chair).
• Working proficiently in both English and Dutch within a formal
political/governmental context.
• Providing virtual assistance during online meetings.
• Estimated hours per month: 5-6.
• Ability to work with Microsoft Teams and work remotely.
• In the possession of own laptop or computer.

Terms of Engagement:

• The proposed budget shall be based on output and deliverables.
• The virtual assistant will be required to strictly adhere to a Confidential
Agreement and the Court of Audit’s Rules of Order and Ethics.

Submission Guidelines:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposals including the following:
• Overview of relevant experience in providing assistance, specifically within
governmental or political contexts.
• Proposed budget, including deliverables.
• Samples of previous work, especially in English and Dutch written within a
formal context.

Any additional relevant information.
Timeline: Bi-weekly meetings are currently held on Fridays.
Proposal submission deadline: March 15, 2024
Contract commencement: Upon selection and agreement.

Contact Information:
Please submit proposals or any queries regarding this RFP to Lay Hing de Kort-Yee,
chair of the Court of Audit, no later than March
15, 2024

The Court of Audit reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received.