Vacancy Programme Manager, Region Deal and Statia 2026

Using 2026 as a benchmark year, the Statia Government and partners will develop and execute a number of projects and initiatives under this programme. The Statia Day celebration in November 2026 will serve as a key milestone in this process. Programme Statia 2026 currently consists of approximately 20 projects, six of which are financed by the Region Deal. These projects are in the areas of culture, heritage, nature, and tourism.

The programme manager, Region Deal and Statia 2026 will operate in a dynamic political/administrative environment. This official, in consultation with the programme manager from the ministry of the interior and kingdom relations and the directorate general of kingdom relations, will provide guidance on a multitude of subjects. Additionally, organising the special edition of Statia Day commemorating the 250th anniversary of the First Salute is a joint responsibility of both programme managers. The aim is to secure the presence of significant cultural and political leaders, for example, inspirational Afro-Caribbean thought leaders, the king of the Netherlands, the president of the United States, etc. The preliminary programme content is outlined in the Roadmap to Statia 2026, which is being refined.   


  • Successfully overseeing the development and execution of the projects within Programme Statia 2026
  • Shaping the programme content in accordance with the requirements established by the executive council. This includes the Region Deal, the celebration of Statia Day 2026, the commemoration of the First Salute, and the concretization of the Roadmap to Statia 2026 that includes development projects in the areas of culture, heritage, nature and tourism. 

Specific Requirements:

  • An HBO at working and thinking level
  • At least 10 years’ experience in government, including at the local level
  • Extensive experience in the integrated management and control of complex projects and programmes.
  • Extensive experience in functional management and development of employees.
  • Experience working in organisations that are undergoing change would be an asset

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Fluent in English, both oral and written  
  • A strong network and connections
  • Bridge builder: collaborates effectively, has the ability to engage stakeholders in projects.
  • Can switch seamlessly between strategic and operational issues
  • Ability to work in a political/administrative environment

Special Qualities:

  • Familiar with the culture of Statia and the region
  • Understands national and international relations
  • Experience in leading programmes on a strategic level
  • Resolute, decisive, and can handle resistance
  • Is sensitive to, and respectful of, issues related to poverty alleviation, the transatlantic slave trade, post-colonial reconstruction and environmental preservation.

Terms of employment

This employee will be based in St Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands. The position is temporary for a fixed period of two years through to 31 December 2026. The salary scaling is equivalent to scale 13 on the salary scale, with a minimum of $5,513.70 and a maximum of $6881.73 gross monthly, based on a 36-hour work week. This is in accordance with the salary table of the Statia Government dated 12 March 2024. Salary scaling is based on qualification and experience. In addition, this employee will receive a holiday allowance of 8.33 per cent an end-of-year bonus of 8.33 per cent of the annual income.

The successful candidate must provide a certificate of good conduct (VOG) and undergo a medical for inclusion in the pension fund.

For additional information on the primary and secondary terms of employment, see, go to the tab, 'job vacancies', then click on 'working in Statia'.

Are you interested in applying for the position of programme manager, Region Deal and Statia 2026?

Please apply in writing no later than 8 July 2024, to:

The Executive Council of the Government of St Eustatius

Attn: Ms Francisca Gibbs

Unit Manager, Internal Services


More information:

For details of the position, please contact Ms Edrieënna Brandao, executive assistant to island commissioner Reuben Merkman, via email at    

For information concerning the recruitment and selection process, please contact the department of personnel and organisation at or Tel +599 318 2931.