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  1. Uitvoeringsrapportage eerste kwartaal 2024

    Geachte mevrouw Van Huffelen, Het is mij een genoegen om u de financiële rapportage over het eerste kwartaal van 2024 te ...

    Annual report | 21-05-2024

  2. Public Tender Engineering Service - Paving of the Seaport Area Background

    The Statia Government plans to restore the harbour and improve the accessibility and safety of the seaport. This development aims ...

    Publication | 17-05-2024

  3. A.B 2024 No.2 wijziging verhuursubsidieverordering

    Besluit van de eilandsraad tot vaststelling van de Eilandsverordening tot wijziging van bijlage I in de ...

    Decree, order or decision | 17-05-2024

  4. Vacancy Administrative Clerk to the Registrar

    The administrative clerk to the registrar ensures the proper and efficient course of the process of administrative ...

    Publication | 16-05-2024

  5. Vacancy Aerodrome Flight Information Services Officer AFISO/Trainee

    The aerodrome flight information services officer’s main task is to provide flight information service and meteorological ...

    Publication | 16-05-2024

  6. Vacancy Administrative Employee A, Office of Administrative Support

    The administrative assistant at the office of administrative support is the first contact point for all departments and units, ...

    Publication | 16-05-2024

  7. Vacancy Security Officer (Trainee)

    The security officer is responsible for securing the seaport, airport and other government buildings as assigned, and is required ...

    Publication | 16-05-2024

  8. A.B. 2024 no. 1 Traffic change Easterweekend

    Besluit van de regeringscommissaris van 26 maart 2024 no. 1218/GEZ in plaats van de gezaghebber tot vaststelling van ...

    Decree, order or decision | 28-03-2024

  9. Central Committee Meeting Thursday 28 March 2024

    Residents of Statia are invited to the public meeting of the Central Committee which will be held on Thursday 28 March 2024 2024 ...

    Publication | 27-03-2024

  10. Vacancy, Unit Manager Security

    The unit manager, security is responsible for supervising the security staff and supervisors at the harbour and airport, thus ...

    Publication | 12-03-2024