Government commissioner and deputy commissioner

As of February 2020, St. Eustatius does not have a Governor nor does it have Commissioners. There are currently a Government Commissioner and a deputy Government Commissioner. They were appointed by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations:

Mr. Marnix van Rij as Government Commissioner and Ms. Alida Francis as Deputy Government Commissioner.

The Government Commissioner has the tasks and powers conferred to the island executive or the governor until determined by Royal Decree.

Mr. van Rij is responsible for the Governors’ cabinet, elections, census and civil registry, disaster management, public order and safety, legal affairs and ordinances, finance and taxes, airport, harbor, roads/ infrastructure, environment and nature management, building and housing control, registry private properties, telecommunication, energy and water distribution.

Ms. A. Francis is responsible for Education and Sport Compulsory Education, Public Health, Social Affairs, Culture, Labor, Senior Citizen care, Economic Affairs, Tourism, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, Personnel Affairs, Government Information Services (GIS) including Protocol, Information Technology, Public Housing, Monument care, Preservation and Historic core, Waste Management, Warehouse and Workshop and Government buildings.