Island Council

The Island Council

The Island Council is the highest administrative body of the public entity. The council adopts the budget, policy and regulations. The council also monitors the preparation and implementation of the policy by the Executive Council. 

The members are elected by voting on general election day. This entails that each member is a representative of the people and serve the general interest. The council consists of 5 members which are elected every four years.

Independent chairman of the Island Council is the Government Commissioner.

Members Island Council

with their ancillary position between ( ), P or NP (paid or not paid):

Progressive Labor Party (PLP)

- Leerdam, R.M.C., (Rechelline)

councilmember, (Leader PLP Progressive Labor Party -NP)

(empl. AmSpec Services LLC-P; Boardmember SEVA-volleyball-NP)

- Merkman, R.E. (Reuben) 

councilmember, chairman Central Committee

(teacher at Gw.v.Puttenschool-P)

- Putten van, C.I. (Clyde) 


former: empl. Unit Licenses Statiagov. - P)

Democratic Party (DP)

- Spanner, F.E.A. (Adelka)


(former: empl. Statiagov.; Leader DP Democratic Party- NP; Treasurer Golden Rock Toastmarter Club-NP; Treasurer Senior Citizen Foundation- NP)

CDA Statia

- Sneek, N. (Koos)


(dir. Norako NV-P; dir. Lodi Development Corp. NV-P; Dir. Mountain Piece NV-P; treasurer Lions Club St.Eustatius- NP)