Statia’s School Transportation improved with introduction new school buses

At the start of the first quarter 2021, the Public Entity St. Eustatius completed the purchase of two new school buses. They will be used primarily for the transportation of students attending the primary schools. The buses are now ready for use.

Through the budget amendment of the first quarter 2020, the Public Entity provided the necessary finances to purchase the long awaiting buses.

The two white Hyundai buses are fully air-conditioned and holds a capacity of thirty (30) seats. It also has a built in intercom system which ease the communication between the driver and the students. They are branded and recognizable to the community with the coat of arms and the wording “SCHOOL BUS” on both sides as well as on the front and the back. 


A light tint was applied to the windows to improve the acclimatization of the bus and to protect the students from the direct sunlight. The applied tint will also help to preserve the longevity of the bus interior.


“The school buses are the property of the Public Entity but they belong to the entire community. They provide a valuable service by transporting our children and students to and from school and recreational activities. We request those using the buses to take special care of them,” says Anthony Reid, Director of Economy Nature and Infrastructure.