St. Eustatius has received a hospital container unit that was made available by the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport. The Hospitainer opened in June 2020.

The Hospitainer is located on a lot behind the old English and Jewish cemeteries. This is just across the road from the Queen Beatrix Medical Center. It is a semi-permanent field hospital for rapid deployment which is made up of 6 specially designed container which can operate ‘under pressure’.

The Hospitainer can be used in response to any medical challenge that may arise during the COVID- 19 pandemic and subsequent medical emergencies. It offers a safe medical environment.

The lobby between the containers is designed to function as an air lock. This is important when the isolation rooms are actively ‘under pressure’. It is then used as an area from which persons can go from one area with a certain pressure to another area with a different pressure. For more complicated cases, however, when more advanced treatment is necessary, patients with breathing problems and can be sent to St. Martin.

St. Eustatius is very grateful to have received the Hospitainer as this increases the medical capacity of the island and is equipped with state-of-the-art material and a doctor and nurse have been employed specifically to work in this new medical facility.