Information on Non-communicable diseases (NCD) Statia opens prevention clinic

The Public Health Department officially opened its prevention clinic on Monday, February 14th, 2022 at the Charles A. Woodley Road, next to the pharmacy. The clinic will provide information to the public on non-communicable diseases ( NCD) and what can be done to prevent these. The main objective of the clinic is to provide the resources to ensure that the population of Statia stays healthy, as long as possible.

A non-communicable disease (NCD) is a disease that is not transmissible directly from one person to another. The main types of NCD are cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks and strokes), cancers and chronic respiratory diseases. In 2022 the prevention clinic will focus on diabetes, hypertension and cancer screening. If the NCD is already detected, the prevention center will provide information how to avoid complications such as kidney dialysis by uncontrolled hypertension or the loss of limbs due to uncontrolled diabetes. In addition, information will be offered that will cater the needs of various target groups, e.g. woman who are pregnant and the elderly.


 NCDs are a growing concern for the island and current data suggest that this is a valid concern. A survey of registered patients at the Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QBMC) demonstrated that 14,5% of patients have diabetes, and 10,8 % have hypertension. Also, data shows that 60% of the adults in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are overweight, with St. Eustatius having the highest rates of obesity. This has implications for rates of NCDs and for the complications now and in the future.


The prevention clinic forms an integral part of the Public Health Department. The financing of the related activities are funded by the Public Entity ​and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport through the special allowance for Public Health. The responsibly of the clinic lies with the Unit Manager of Public Health, Dr. Gerwin Schobbe, who will be assisted by prevention worker Ms. Shanna Mercera Gibbs. Other staff members are Dr. Sharda Baboe-Kalpoe and the registered nurses Danneil Abraham and Mayara Wijsman.

Carol Jack, Director of Social Domain, is excited that the clinic is now officially open. Some of the prevention activities ​have been ongoing for years, however with this clinic the interventions will be more targeted. We advise the public to stay tuned for the services and programs that will be introduced. Don't hesitate to contact the Public Health Department or the prevention clinic with any questions or concerns you may have,​” Mrs. Jack says.

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On the picture : Mrs. Carol Jack Roosberg, Director Social Domain (left ) and Ms. Claudia Toet, Deputy Government Commissioner (right) officially opening the prevention clinic.