Social Affairs

The Directorate of Social Affairs strives to help ensure well-being of the entire community of St. Eustatius.

They do so in the following way:

  • Providing people with the right tools to give them perspective, by being in contact with them from peri-natal to the end of life.
  • Offering tools to prevent lack of education, malnutrition, bad health, misbehavior, feeling left out or unsafe and advise to avoid financial problems.
  • Giving perspective and a healthy foundation to St. Eustatius’ youth. Growing ‘strong roots’ to know how to behave correctly and to belong to society 
  • Anyone with a request for help can contact the Directorate of Social Affairs. Questions about administrative procedures regarding housing, budgeting, filling in forms, IND procedures can be addressed here. Questions about positive parenting, children’s behavior, neglect, abuse or domestic violence and all other troubling subjects can be addressed at the Social and Welfare Department.