Law Restoration of the provisions unanimously passed in the Senate

On Tuesday July 7th, the law Restoration of the Provisions for the Administration of the Public Entity of St Eustatius was unanimously passed in the Senate. This means the administrative intervention is extended, while simultaneously working towards a regular administrative situation in 4 phases.

Interior of Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal
©Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal

The aim of this law is to extend the administrative intervention on St. Eustatius and to phase out the current provisions that have been created on the basis of the Temporary Neglect of Duties Act St. Eustatius. Island Council election is 1st step in the process.

By gradually phasing out, the intervention will remain in proportion to the current administrative situation and will lead to recovery and normalization of public administration on the island. The law contains four phases (1) continuation of current provisions, (2) system of restoration of provisions, (3) the return of the Island Governor and the role of the Kingdom Representative and (4) complete restoration of the provisions.  Through these steps, the law works towards the end goal, which is to achieve a regular administrative situation on St. Eustatius.

With this law, the Temporary Neglect of Duties Act St. Eustatius will be repealed.