Financed by Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management: Jeems road project enters maintenance phase

The Jeems road project has entered into a six months’ maintenance phase. During this period minor repairs and other maintenance work will be executed. The painting of the road surface and the placing of traffic signs will also be done. This may cause some inconvenience for road users.

The construction phase of the Jeems road project was contractually completed on May 8th, 2021.  The project was financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. Construction was done by Statia Construction and the project is under supervision of the Directorate of Economy, Nature and Infrastructure (ENI).

The project consisted of the reconstruction of the Road to Jeems (Weg naar Jeems) North and South in the residential area of Jeems and the construction of a new parallel two-way road. The new parallel road is the first new road to be constructed on Statia in decades.

The purpose of the project was not only to improve the road surfaces but also to control the flow of superficial water and prevent any kind of flooding during heavy rain fall. This was done with the introduction of a superficial and underground water drainage system. Approximately 1.2 km of road was (re)constructed.  The project included the installation of new street lighting for the safety of road users. For easy maintenance the utilities were placed under the new constructed side paths.

South and North

The Road to Jeems (South) from the intersection Paramiraweg to the Sandy Road T- crossing is a two-way road that is constructed to facilitate both heavy and normal traffic. The Road to Jeems (North) from the Sandy road intersection until the new roundabout is a one-way road that is constructed to facilitate vehicles of max 10 tons. Vehicular traffic that is over 10 tons is not allowed to use the Jeems Road South and should use the Parallel road instead. The Parallel Road is a two-way road that is constructed to facilitate both heavy and normal traffic which connects to the new roundabout.