Four naturalize as Dutch citizens on Statia

On August 18th, four Statian residents were naturalized as Dutch residents in a special ceremony presided over by Government Commissioner Alida Francis in the Vincent A. Lopes Legislative Hall. This naturalization ceremony is, as required by law, as a very important and final step in your process of becoming Dutch citizens. 

The four new Dutch citizens are:
Audrey Rosa Buten
Jedediah Belleau
Elizabeth Carela Almonte
Rousy M. Arnaud Franco; Legal representative: Victor Vencito Arnaud

There are several of becoming a Dutch citizen. (option statement/naturalization) One way of becoming a Dutch Citizen is via option procedure. This involves a person submitting supporting documents regarding their Dutch origins to the IND department.

In her address the Government Commissioner, summarized what their role in society will be henceforth.  “Simply put, you are expected to be an active citizen. An active citizen describes someone who is actively involved in the development and improvement of their society. Contributing where ever you can and however you can to our collective development, in other words being a good citizen”.
Francis went on to emphasize that as a Dutch citizen it is important that they seek to inform themselves regarding all laws and legislation that govern, not just their rights as Dutch citizens but also their obligations to the wider community.  “An informed citizen is an effective citizen and effective citizens add value to a community”, stated Francis.

In order to become a Dutch citizen one is required to submit a request to become a Dutch citizen. This can be done through a request for naturalization. The Immigration and Naturalization Office situated on the Cottage Road Tel: +599-318-3376 and the Cabinet of the island Governor +599-318-2552 can be contacted for more information.