New Developments Statia Waste management

Many new developments have transpired at the St. Eustatius Waste Facility. Economy, Nature, and Infrastructure (ENI) highlights some of the latest improvements.  

Waste motor oil

The Public Entity St. Eustatius invested in a Waste oil Catchment at the waste facility late 2020 because of environmental benefits and for recycling. This catchment is intended to hold the waste oil in an environment safe manner. All waste oil is collected from different entities until the max storage volume is achieved. 12,000 gallons of waste oil was shipped abroad for further processing. This required two 20ft sea containers with a liner. The waste oil will be refined into new oil products once processed. Persons may contact the waste facility for more information about depositing waste motor oil.

Bale of aluminum cans

72 bales of compacted aluminum cans were exported to the central storage where they will join greater volumes at an aluminum factory. Soda cans take up very little space once compressed. The shipments will go to a European market. The product will further be made into new products. Sorted compacted exported.

Waste Bin holding cells

In past six months bin holding cells were made and placed at specific areas at Lower Town. The purpose of the bin holding cells is to prevent roaming animals and the occasional high winds from tipping over the bins. Also, to make waste collection available for pedestrians and beach visitors. The 3 bins holders are made from 50% recycled crushed glass. They are dressed with artistic work and stands out at Lower Town, reminding everyone to keep Statia clean.