Netherlands Basketball Federation visits Statia

Following visit to Saba a delegation of the Netherlands Basketball Federation (NBB) visited Statia to strengthen relations with the Caribbean Netherlands. Besides getting a better perspective on how basketball is organized on the Island, several clinics to players, coaches and umpires were provided in return.

The set-up of was like Saba’s visit. Jorrit Beerens (Head of Education Department), Antio Sinterniklaas (Head of Referee Department), Juliet Franssen (Director of Sports Participation) and intern Ron Bongers of the Ministry of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports (VWS) met with the different stakeholders, visited sites,and organized several clinics. The group also handed out sports materials, balls, and t-shirts to participants.   


Basketball like other sports bring people together and offer youth perspective athletically as well as in other areas of life. Key is to involve and interact the community, unify coaches & officials, and where possible adapt programs to match individual needs. At the same time players will improve knowledge on how to play the game following international rules and regulations. Here the  St. Eustatius Sports Facilities (SSFF) is tasked by the Public Entity to take up a coordinating role supporting current initiatives. Local coaches and volunteers were therefore closely involved with the visit and took part in discussions and (online) meetings in preparation of the visit which is part of the ambition to develop basketball overall.   


The visit of the basketball delegation is a next step to strengthen organized sports in the Caribbean Netherlands following previous visits from the Dutch Volleyball and Soccer Associations. The Public Entity works closely with the different stakeholders on Statia, Saba, the different sporting associations from the Netherlands and the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports who also funds this initiative.