Verzamelloonstaat (VZLS) and Opbrengstbelasting (OPB) now also on MijnCN

As of the 7th of November, companies and organizations can now submit the verzamelloonstaat (collective wage statement (VZLS)), annual accounts and opbrengstbelasting (income tax return (OPB)) via the MijnCN platform.

For the VZLS, the biggest change is a different portal because it could already be done online but only via the website of the Belastingdienst. All collective wage statements submitted in the past on the old portal will remain available on MijnCN. On MijnCN you can also authorize a third party to arrange specific tax matters for you, without providing your own login details.

With regard to the OPB, both the annual accounts and the returns could previously only be submitted on paper. It is now possible to do this online from the 2021 financial year. This can now be done more efficiently and faster via MijnCN, and all annual accounts and returns that are submitted on MijnCN remain available at all times.

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MijnCN was launched in January 2021. MijnCN is the online platform for government services in the Caribbean Netherlands. Residents and companies can easily, safely and quickly arrange their affairs online with the affiliated services. The BelastingdienstCN was the first service on the platform, on which Inkomstenbelasting (Income Tax), ABB (General Expenditure Tax) and Loonheffing (Wage Tax) tax returns could be filed until now. With the expansion with VZLS and OPB, all digital services of the Belastingdienst fall into 1 portal:

Social Affairs and Employment already offers services on the platform and will soon expand the services.

MijnCN: easy, safe and fast.