Deadline for submitting verzamelloonstaat (collective wage statement (VZLS)) 2022 extended

The original deadline for submitting the verzamelloonstaat 2022 was the 28th of February 2023. However, given the many questions and requests it received, the Belastingdienst has decided to extend the deadline for submitting the verzamelloonstaat. This means that you are automatically granted an extension until the 1st of May 2023.

The 2 Factor Authentication

Since 7 November 2022 businesses and organisations have the possibility to submit the verzamelloonstaat (collective wage statement, VZLS) via the platform MijnCN. Because a user is able to sign government matters with his/her MijnCN account, MijnCN pays a lot of attention to security. This means that every user must activate the 2-Factor Authentication of his/her MijnCN account. If users have already activated the 2-Factor Authentication for matters concerning Social Affairs and Employment (SZW), they do not need to do so again for affairs concerning the Belastingdienst CN. For more information, or if you need assistance to activate the 2-Factor Authentication of your MijnCN account, go to


Even if you have already authorized someone to submit online tax returns ABB (General Expenditure Tax), LH (Wage Tax), and Loonderving (Loss of Wages, Social Affairs and Employment), you nevertheless need to authorize someone separately to submit the verzamelloonstaat.

For more information about submitting the verzamelloonstaat, please visit

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