Contracts signed to continue Lower Town cliff stabilisation project

ORANJESTAD, St. Eustatius  – Work is expected to begin soon on the cliff stabilisation project in Lower Town. The Government of St. Eustatius signed a contract with Acrobat X B.V. to start the work on the cliff behind the establishments of Eco Statia and behind the STUCO facilities in order to mitigate the risk of damage from falling rocks. The project costs over $19 million and is expected to be completed in 20 months.

“Upon completion of the project we anticipate that both the STUCO plant and the establishments of Eco Statia will be protected from erosion. The measures are urgent and of the highest importance to all Statians. We highly appreciate the financial support of the Dutch government to be able to do what is needed,” said Government Commissioner Alida Francis, who signed on behalf of the Statia Government. Julien Ripert, the president of Acrobat X B.V., signed on behalf of his company Acrobat X. B.V., which undertook a similar project at Fort Oranje in 2019/2020.

The Central government announced earlier this month that it intended to make available up to €19 million for the Government of St. Eustatius to stabilise parts of the cliff in Lower Town, Oranjestad. Cliff stabilisation is an integral part of the island’s erosion mitigation and nature restoration programme, which includes a water management plan and the removal of free grazing animals.

The Government of St. Eustatius is appealing to the public that makes use of the Lower Town area to exercise patience, understanding and cooperation as we implement the cliff stabilisation project which will run concurrent with the Orange Bay Road project.

Commissioner of licenses, supervision and enforcement, Arlene Spanner-Schmidt, supported by the Executive Council and the Island Council, is embarking on the further enforcement of the zero tolerance policy with regards to animals roaming on the cliff near Lower Town effective 1 June 2023. Zero tolerance means that the Government of St. Eustatius will remove all animals found roaming above, on, or beneath the cliff in Lower Town.