Statia’s first qualified job coach

Statia now has its first fully trained job coach. Maxine Spanner-Suares has completed a nine-month training programme aimed at improving the capability of participants to better advise job seekers.

Spanner-Suares, an employee of the Labour Department, is now better able to guide and support those seeking employment with their search and to match them with the appropriate vacancies.

The training was conducted by Optima Arbo Academie in Curaçao and certified by Netherlands certification body known by its Dutch abbreviation, NCOI.

“The Government of St. Eustatius will continue to invest in, equip and trained public servants and invest in the transition of the Labour Department into a job centre,” said Carol Jack, the director of Social Domain.

The training was an initiative of several partners, including Statia’s Directorate of Social Domain and  the Directorate of Society Care in Bonaire. The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment funded the training, building on earlier investments to strengthen the public employment services in the Caribbean Netherlands.