Statian Residents to receive their health care cards in July

Care & Youth Caribbean Netherlands, known by its Dutch abbreviations, ZJCN, will introduce the health care card in Statia on 8 July 2024. The health care card replaces the proof of insurance for insured residents who require emergency medical care while travelling abroad.

With this card, insured individuals will no longer have to visit the ZJCN office to obtain proof of insurance before travelling abroad. The health care card includes the insured person's details as well as ZJCN's contact information. In case of emergency medical care abroad, individuals should contact ZJCN as soon as possible. Additionally, the health care card can be used at pharmacies and laboratories in Statia.

Healthcare card is not travel insurance. It is specifically designed for urgent medical situations abroad that cannot be postponed. Therefore, ZJCN strongly recommends that all residents of Statia and the Caribbean Netherlands obtain travel insurance before embarking on international trips.

Insured Statian  residents are advised to collect their health care cards at ZJCN, Fort Oranjestraat 12 (the former RCN/SOO office) from 8 July to 2 August 2024, with the exception of  Monday 29 July, when the office will be closed.   

All residents of Statia with a minimum insurance period of two years will receive a personal health care card. Parents of children under 18 years old can collect their children’s cards. The card will be valid for between two and five years, based on the insurance period.

When collecting the card, individuals must present a valid ID, as well as a bank card so that the bank account number can be registered in ZJCN's database for future medical reimbursements. The cards are free of charge.

Residents who are unable to visit the ZJCN office to collect their cards may authorise a family member to do so on their behalf through power of attorney. Power of attorney forms are available online or at the ZJCN office.