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Inaugural Makana ferry service marks historic moment

SABA/STATIA—Saba and St. Eustatius together celebrated a historic moment with the inaugural of the Makana ferry service on ...

News item | 29-11-2021 | 18:07

Preparations for Makana Ferry Service in full progress

Blues and Blues Ltd. of Anguilla and the Public Entities St. Eustatius and Saba are diligently working on the last preparations ...

News item | 04-11-2021 | 19:01

New airport now fully operational

Grand opening will be on August 27th, 2021. The F.D. Roosevelt International Airport is now fully functional. The official ...

News item | 02-07-2021 | 22:15

Cherry Tree road project completed

The Cherry Tree road project is completed and as of today, Friday, June 11, 2021 and now enters into a six months’ maintenance ...

News item | 11-06-2021 | 23:00

Statia continues to remove roaming animals

The Public Entity St. Eustatius continues its efforts to remove roaming animals from the public spaces and nature areas. Animals ...

News item | 11-06-2021 | 22:53

New AFISO Tower in operation on St. Eustatius

The new AFISO Tower on St. Eustatius is now operational. The transition was completed on June 1st, 2021 and operations began ...

News item | 04-06-2021 | 15:36

Symbolic keys new airport handed over

The Public Entity St. Eustatius received the (symbolic) keys of the new terminal building and the AFISO tower from the contractor ...

News item | 29-05-2021 | 16:59

Financed by Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management: Jeems road project enters maintenance phase

The Jeems road project has entered into a six months’ maintenance phase. During this period minor repairs and other maintenance ...

News item | 26-05-2021 | 00:44

Final work on Smoke Alley will cause some delay in traffic flow

The Statia Road & Construction will install silicon joints on the Smoke Alley project starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4th 2021. ...

News item | 03-05-2021 | 16:44

Statia completes connection between Solar Park and water retention pond

The Public Entity St. Eustatius has completed the first connection between the Solar park and the water retention pond in a quest ...

News item | 20-04-2021 | 22:39