Strategic Development Plan 2010

In the future, the population of St. Eustatius will enjoy a higher level of prosperity in a livable enviroment.

This is the vision statement of St. Eustatius for the next decade. The implicationsof this statement are threefold.

First: economic growth is required to reach a higher level of prosperity for the island and the people of Statia. The tourist sector,amongothers, provides opportunities to achieve this goal.

Second: to develop and maintain amenities a growth of population is needed.

Third: to preserve and develop Statia’s spatial qualities, careful planning is required. Touristic amenities and facilities, new homes, investments in infrastructure, environmental management; all need to be encompassed in a strategically balanced

Why a strategic development plan? Statia offers many development possibilities on a geographically small island. This asks for well
considered planning choices.

The key focus is to preserve existing qualities such as culture, nature, our rich heritage and the authenticity of a Caribbean island. Statia strives for sustainable development, towards an attractive place to live, work and recreate.

This Strategic Development Plan (SDP) is designed to give an outline to the envisioned sustainable development of Statia.