Meeting of the Island Council January 13th 2021

The general public is hereby invited to the public extraordinary meeting of the Island Council which will be held on January 13th 2021 at 9:30 am in the STUCO conference room.

The meeting will also be transmitted live on 92.3 fm.


  1. Opening
  2. Announcements
  3. Setting of the agenda
  4. The pending agreement between the dutch housing corporation woonlinie and the st. Eustatius housing foundation
  5. Government plans for the establishment of a facility to assist the dialysis situation
  6. The decision to have kadaster netherlands take over the responsibilities of kadaster services on st. Eustatius effective january 1, 2021
  7. To declare july 1st,  emancipation day as an official holiday
  8. Closing

The Deputy chair of the Island Council,

Ms. M. A. U. Francis