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  1. Why I'm getting vaccinated! - testimonials

    Video | 18-02-2021

  2. Covid-19 vaccination registration form

    Form | 15-02-2021

  3. Kamerbrief over Uitbreiding economisch steun- en herstelpakket Caribisch Nederland (in Dutch only)

    Staatssecretaris Knops (BZK) informeert de Eerste en Tweede Kamer over de uitbreiding van het economisch steun- en herstelpakket ...

    Parliamentary document | 12-02-2021

  4. Geldend inreisbeleid BES (in Dutch only)

    Overview of entry rules and test obligations for the BES and from the BES / CAS to the Netherlands.

    Publication | 22-01-2021

  5. Regelingen ivm opheffing vliegverbod (in Dutch only)

    Ministeriele regelingen voor St. Eustatius, in verband met de opheffing van het vliegverbod. 

    Decree, order or decision | 16-01-2021

  6. Frequently Asked Questions about St. Eustatius COVID-19 vaccination

    The Public Health Department  of St. Eustatius expects to receive the first shipment of vaccines in February 2021. Please find ...

    Publication | 12-01-2021

  7. Tijdelijke regeling maatregelen covid-19 Sint Eustatius (in Dutch only)

    Regeling van de Minister van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport, de Minister van Justitie en Veiligheid en de Minister van ...

    Decree, order or decision | 01-12-2020

  8. Policy regarding guidelines for entry to the territory of Sint Eustatius and therewith related quarantine

    The Government-commissioner of Sint Eustatius in the capacity of the Governor by decision of November 30th 2020 no 912/GEZ, ...

    Decree, order or decision | 30-11-2020

  9. Emergency Ordinance COVID-19 St. Eustatius November 11th, 2020

    Ordinance of November 11th 2020, no 906/GEZ, containing additional rules for the prevention of the further spread of the ...

    Decree, order or decision | 11-11-2020

  10. Decree OLE COVID-19 Relief Package

    Decree, order or decision | 24-10-2020